Lars Löfgren & Patricia Camp

Born in Stockholm, Lars is both Swiss and Swedish. He has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Lund and started his career in Sweden.

Lars has lived in Geneva for 25 years. He has been working for international companies such as Texas Instruments, Motorola and LeCroy Corporation.

Lars is very much a "hands-on" person and has a broad experience working in management positions as Accounting Manager, Senior Financial Analyst, Financial Controller, Financial Director and Operations Manager.

From 2000 to 2007, Lars was CFO and Vice President of Acqiris SA, a very successful start-up company in Geneva.

Lars is looking for opportunities to help Captus's clients realize their objectives in a pragmatic way.


Patricia is a Swiss and French citizen. She has a diploma in Business Management and Administration from l'Institut Universitaire Claude Bernard in Lyon.

Patricia started her career at Tomy France in Ferney-Voltaire where she worked 2 years as an Accountant.

She then joined LeCroy Corporation in Geneva. During a period of 15 years, Patricia worked in many different areas of finance and administration such as General Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting, Payroll Administration and Human Resources.

Patricia spent 7 years with Acqiris SA/Agilent Technologies SA in Geneva where she worked as Senior Accountant - Human Resources.

Patricia has a wide experience in implementing various accounting and administrative systems.



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